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Kosmodemyanov Timur Borisovich

Correct innovations always contribute to the effectiveness of the work you do. One of the win-win options is the introduction of new technologies into the existing business. However, this process should be entrusted to professional companies with remarkable experience and a staff of inspired developers.

Since 2007, the company has been actively developing in the direction of creating highly efficient corporate portals and online stores. Our web projects are distinguished by worthy functionality and stylistic expressiveness. For about three years, we have been promoting the creation of high-quality websites that can not only attract visitors with expressive design, but also turn them into permanent favorite customers, thanks to a surprisingly high level of usability.

One of the components of our success, of course, is the cooperation with the company 1C-Bitrix. A powerful modern platform will allow not only to fulfill all the wishes of our client in terms of visual design of the web product and functionality, but also to guarantee the excellent quality of work and ease of management of this resource.

We are open to new professional acquaintances and interesting cooperation. If you are interested in the development of sites Bitrix - we will be happy to listen to your ideas and help with their qualified implementation. We are proud of each created web project, placing demonstration works in the portfolio.

"VIS.center" is a company of real gurus in creating websites that are madly in love with their work. If you know exactly what your Bitrix site should be like, or designate only the general direction of work, allowing developers to improvise in the little things - the result of the company's work will surely please you.

Experience and qualifications allow us to provide our clients with the following services:

Discover the possibilities of modern business management, take advantage of our experience and professionalism!