Juoz - online-store of clothing and accessories Juoz - online-store of clothing and accessories
Author: Elena Vladimirovna
General manager
Thankful letter

      I express my gratitude to the management and specialists of the company "VIS.center" for  the development of the new version of our online-store "Juoz - online-store of clothing and accessories". The work was done quickly, efficiently, taking into account all wishes and requests. I would like to note the optimal ratio of price and quality of work.
      Starting from drawing up the technical specifications, developing the design and ending with publishing the site on the Internet,   VIS.center specialists provided us with professional consulting assistance,   answered all the questions that arose, gave advice on improving the work and stability of the site under high loads ,   and its further use.
       The new version of our site is distinguished by its modern design, user-friendly interface and new features.   The site design fully corresponds to the nature of the activities and services that we provide. which is very important, given the specifics of our activities.
       We recommend the company "VIS.center" to anyone who wants to get results at the highest level.   We are satisfied with the work of the specialists and plan to continue to use their services for the promotion and technical support of the site. I would like to wish the company "VIS.center" good luck and continued success in all new projects!

Semenova Elena Vladimirovna
General manager

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