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CRM: Contact Center
Contact center helps to love customers

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  • CRM: Contact Center
    Your Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, phone and e-mail are connected to Bitrix24
  • CRM: Contact Center
    Contacts, all correspondence and records of conversations with customers are stored in CRM
  • CRM: Contact Center
    No potential customer will be lost!
  • CRM: Contact Center
    You respond to customers quickly and wherever they are comfortable
CRM: Contact Center

Connect your phone to Bitrix24: you can rent a phone number, connect your phone or even your own ATE. Customize your scenario with the client.

Everything will remain in CRM.

CRM: Contact Center
Open lines

Connect VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Yandex. Chat and other digital channels to the Open Lines and answer everyone from your company's single chat.

All consultations from the Open Lines immediately fall into CRM. The entire history of the client in the card CRM.

CRM: Contact Center
Free chat on site

Install chat on your website and respond to customers in real time.

Their contacts will be your trophy in the fight for conversion in sales.

CRM: Contact Center
CRM-forms in social networks

Your client can easily fill out an application or message without leaving the news feed of his social network. When you click on the ad button in VKontakte or Facebook, a form will open with the fields already filled in.

All data will automatically fall into CRM.

CRM: Contact Center

Distribute phone numbers to different advertising channels and track where more customers will come from.

You do not have to guess when planning the next campaign, which advertising media to choose.

CRM: Contact Center
Distribution of calls and messages

Calls and messages from connected channels fall into your Contact Center and are distributed among employees according to the queue rules.

The whole history of communication with the client will continue in Bitrix24.

CRM: Contact Center
Answering machine

A client who has applied during off-hours or during a heavy load will receive information about this from the answering machine

CRM: Contact Center
Customers appreciate conversations

Watch how your managers communicate: how quickly they respond, what ratings customers give, evaluate dialogs yourself.

CRM: Contact Center

Connect your mailbox to Bitrix24. Use familiar and understandable scripts for working with letters.

You can create a meeting or set tasks directly from your letter.

CRM: Contact Center
CRM-forms on the site

Place on your website questionnaires, invitations, registration forms.

All the information from the forms immediately goes into CRM.

CRM: Contact Center
Everything is saved
in CRM

You will recognize your regular customer, even when he contacts you through different channels. Bitrix24 will show you the history of communication with him in CRM.

CRM: Contact Center
Job analysis

Thanks to the reports you received, you can find out the time load, evaluate the effectiveness of both the communication channels themselves and the work of the operators.

Correct reports will help you make important strategic decisions.

CRM: Contact Center
Mobile Contact Center

Stay in touch
with customers and manage sales from anywhere in the world!

Free application
for iPhone and Android

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CRM: Contact Center
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Runs on your server
Additional functionality
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Boxed version

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