ERP/1C integration

Setting up Bitrix site exchange with 1C or ERP optimizes your business!

The introduction of 1C on the site opens up many opportunities: the exchange of inventory, updating the catalog and prices, improving the processing of orders, the formation of financial statements and much more.

We are engaged in the integration of web resources with ERP systems for over 11 years. During this time, many projects have been integrated: from standard to the most non-standard.

Our employees only certified and qualified programmers, so we are not afraid to give a guarantee for all the work carried out.

What tasks does integration with 1C solve?

  • Uploading the product range on the site.
  • Maintaining current information about products: availability, price, photo and description.
  • Transferring received orders in 1C for further processing.
  • Uploading processed orders to the site and informing customers.

What types of integration are there?

  • Accounting for goods and orders

    Thanks to the automated accounting system, the site will always be updated information on the balances and prices of goods. You only maintain a familiar 1C database, and the system pulls all the necessary data to the site.

  • SMS-distribution

    The system of sending short messages is convenient to use when registering and authorizing on secure sites. Also, the system simplifies the receipt of goods by the client - just show the SMS with the order code.

  • Delivery service

    Thanks to the integration with the delivery services, the client can see the actual data about his order without leaving the site. Data exchange with the carrier occurs instantly. When ordering delivery, the cost calculation, selection of the city and the department for receipt immediately take place.

  • Internet acquiring

    After the introduction of the payment system on the site, you will be able to accept payment for orders from bank cards in automatic mode. We integrate with all popular payment systems and banks.

  • Special integration

    Special integration is used to introduce specific programs. Many businesses require a unique approach. As an example, take the production of jewelry. The buyer chooses from a variety of parameters, forming a single order. Then this order is transferred to a specific wizard.

The average cost of integration with 1C is 50 000 rubles.

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