CRM for the company
Bitrix24. The company helps to work together

Free for 12 employees

  • CRM for the Company
    Common space for communication of the entire company
  • CRM for the Company
    Convenient scheduling and meetings with colleagues
  • CRM for the Company
    All working papers are stored in Bitrix24.Disk
  • CRM for the Company
    Instantly find the information you need
CRM for the Company
Live tape

Communicate in Live tape. This speeds up discussions, saves you time and does not delay decision making.

CRM for the Company
Employee profile

Colleagues can show themselves and their interests, find like-minded people using interest tags.

Profile stores all the credit and thanks to the staff, published at any time in Buzz.

CRM for the Company

Communicate in a single messenger for the entire company: write and make video calls, create closed and open chats.

Organize online meetings and video pads with 10 people.

CRM for the Company
Inviting staff

Invite your colleagues. Bitrix24 is designed to work together, you will quickly master it, working in a team.

You can invite Bitrix24 via the link, e-mail or manually.

CRM for the Company
Invitation by phone number

Use contacts from the phone book to connect colleagues to Bitrix24.

Such invitations are conveniently sent from your smartphone.

CRM for the Company
Themes design

Create a mood, change the background of your Bitrix24, put your image, video or branded background of your company.

CRM for the Company

Keep all work documents in a single place, not on employee disks. All documents will remain in the company and will not be lost.

CRM for the Company
Work with documents

View documents immediately in a live stream without downloading.

Edit them together online through MS Office, Google Docs, Office365, LibreOffice and on your local computer.

CRM for the Company
The calendar

Scheduler will help you instantly pick a meeting time that suits all participants.

CRM for the Company
Working groups

Unite in working groups: open, closed, with external contractors, clients on the extranet, distribute access rights between participants.

CRM for the Company
Accounting time

Fix the beginning and end of the working day and take into account the time worked.

CRM for the Company
Reports to the head

Receive work reports on time and forget that they need to be constantly reminded.

CRM for the Company
The structure of the company

Visual structure not only shows the hierarchy in the company, but also correctly distributes access rights.

CRM for the Company
A list of employees

In the Employees section, it is easy to find the right person by creating lists alphabetically or by unit name.

From the list, get the necessary information for all employees or go to the profile of each.

A list of employees
Bitrix24. Assistant

Connect to Yandex.Station, Google, Amazon or Apple. Control Bitrix24 with a voice:

  • set tasks for colleagues;
  • make appointments;
  • send chat messages.

CRM for the Company
Business processes

Business processes will speed up coordination within the company: accounts, vacations, business trips will be automatically sent along a given chain to the right employees.

CRM for the Company business processes
Mobile version

Stay in touch and manage sales from anywhere in the world!

Free application
for iPhone and Android

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CRM for the Company mobile version
Boxed version

Runs on your server
Additional functionality
Possibility of refinement

Boxed version

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