Mobile application development is an important step for the development of your business. Own application will not only emphasize the status of the company, but also bring additional income.

We are able to design and implement applications for iOS and Android of any complexity - all you need is an idea.

What applications do we do?

  • Applications for any business: sports clubs, online stores, etc.
  • Banking clients and other finance applications
  • Lifestyle - applications
  • Mobile social networks and instant messengers.

Stages of development

1. Discussing the idea of the application

During the discussion, all the details of the project are discussed and a complete idea of what the future application will be.

2. Project cost estimate

The calculation of labor costs is done by the development team. Next, we send a preliminary commercial offer.

3. Technical task

In the process of drawing up the technical specification, the functionality is described in detail, the design and style of the future application is determined.

4. Preparation of documents

We prepare the contract, application and technical task, fix the timeframe for the work on the project.

5. Software Testing

During development, we regularly test intermediate assemblies on various devices. According to the results of each test we carry out the adjustment of the elements.

6. Publication

We carry out the final test of the application and publish it in the App Store or Google Play. On this we do not abandon you, carrying out warranty support.

Prices and terms

Native - iOS

from 300 000
  • Term from 30 days
To order!

Native - Android

from 300 000
  • Term from 30 days
To order!

React - iOS / Android

from 300 000
  • Term from 30 days
To order!

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