We have been supporting sites on 1C-Bitrix for more than 11 years. Our staff is exclusively professionals, so every employee is carefully selected. We do not cooperate with low-skilled specialists, remote subcontractors and employees. The company staff website optimizers, web analysts, marketers, programmers, web designers, designers and project managers work on the 1С-Bitrix support site.

For the content management system Bitrix there are many technical documentation, a variety of design topics and useful modules. But often there are individual tasks for which there are no ready-made solutions. In such cases, we are ready to help you.

The company performs any activity related to Bitrix. It can be round-the-clock technical support of the site 24/7, integration with 1C, development of components, implementation of CRM, payment systems and delivery services, as well as performing any other specific tasks.

Mode of operation

Professional support of corporate sites on 1C Bitrix 24/7 without weekends or holidays.

Reaction time

For requests from customers with high importance status - 5 minutes, for all others - no more than 10 minutes. Not a single extra minute.


We do not lose your applications using a reliable and productive system. This becomes a guarantee of their timely and accurate implementation.


The version control system provides wide functionality for the rapid introduction of new widgets, modules and components. Git allows you to return the status of the site to any previous version.

What can we do?

Writing technical assignments

The success of the work done begins with the right task. It is better to entrust such a task to professionals.

Internal testing and correction of errors (before the transfer of finished works)
Backup and restore from copies
Setting up servers, e-mail and other software
Virus treatment
Bitrix Update
Finding problems, testing, advising, training your employees

How we are working?

Receiving a request from a client
Calculation of time for execution
Drafting of technical specifications
Performance of work
Testing and transfer to the client.

The service was used

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