What problems does CRM solve?

  • It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the sales manager

    Implementing CRM system in a company will give an understanding of how effectively your sales department as a whole and each manager work individually

  • The need for personal participation of the director in the sales process and solving problems manually

    Launching a corporate portal allows you to give up manual control and constant monitoring of your employees - you get a convenient management tool that works autonomously

  • Leaving the company, the sales manager takes your customers to competitors

    The data accounting system Bitrix 24 provides a high level of security for your customer base thanks to a two-stage protection system

  • It is difficult to achieve uniform profit growth when accepting new sales managers

    After developing CRM and implementing it in your enterprise, you will easily scale your business, hiring any number of employees without loss of quality in management

CRM implementation stages

CRM basic settings
Configure sales funnel
Automation of business processes
IP-telephony setup
Consultations and user support

The benefits you get.

CRM implementation
  • Common portal for communications of company employees

    Sending general and personal messages, submitting ads and exchanging documents, chatting and calling, the schedule and contact details of employees in a single portal. 100% data security against loss and leakage.

  • Satisfaction of clients

    Your employees will no longer forget to send a letter in time or make a call to the customer thanks to a convenient reminder system.

  • Only visual and reliable information

    Tasks with checklists, Gantt charts and deadline monitoring.

  • All contacts and company data are in a secure place, and each transaction goes through selected stages

    Formation of reports on the work of each employee and sales funnels with an assessment of the effectiveness of each section

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