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Intranet portals / Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 is a modern web-based tool for project management, automation         
sales and company management. With Bitrix24 you get a working environment for         
effective work of the company.
Cloud version
Cloud version
You do not need to install and configure anything.                   
You sign up and start right away                   
work with your corporate portal.
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Boxed version
Boxed version
The license is installed on the server inside                   
company or hosting, allowing                   
modify tools and change the interface.
What kind of work do we do
Business analysis
We will analyze the business processes in your company,                             
show how they can be improved with Bitrix24.                             
Let's demonstrate the concept of a working system,                             
customized for you, and draw up the terms of reference.
To order
57 000
Starting setup
Connect Bitrix24 to your employees                             
began to work in it. At your company                             
a common portal for communication will appear                             
and storage of documents, work with tasks and projects.
To order
19 000
CRM setup
You will have a single database for all clients and transactions.                             
You can generate documents, bills                             
and acts directly from the portal, as well as receive a report                             
about the effectiveness of employees in real time.
To order
28 500
Telephony, mail, website and instant messengers
We’ll connect all the channels of your customers ’calls.                             
You will be able to answer customers in the "single window" mode,                             
and also see the entire history of communication for each of them.                             
All applications will be in the portal.
To order
19 000
Import an existing customer base
Upload all your customers to the portal                             
Managers will be able to work on the old client base.
To order
11 400
Automation of the sales process
Set up automatic reminders and messages,                             
customers will no longer be forgotten.                             
Leaders will be able to control the entire process.
To order
19 000
Staff training
We will teach you how to work with the system of you and your colleagues,                             
we will answer all questions. At your office or via Skype.
To order
15 200

The benefits you get.

CRM implementation
  • Common portal for communications of company employees

    Sending general and personal messages, submitting ads and exchanging documents, chatting and calling, the schedule and contact details of employees in a single portal. 100% data security against loss and leakage.

  • Satisfaction of clients

    Your employees will no longer forget to send a letter in time or make a call to the customer thanks to a convenient reminder system.

  • Only visual and reliable information

    Tasks with checklists, Gantt charts and deadline monitoring.

  • All contacts and company data are in a secure place, and each transaction goes through selected stages

    Formation of reports on the work of each employee and sales funnels with an assessment of the effectiveness of each section

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