I hereby, hereinafter referred to as the “Subject of Personal Data”, pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FL “On Personal Data” (with amendments and additions), freely, with my own will and interest, give my consent VIS. CENTER (hereinafter referred to as the “Web Integrator”, address: https://en.vis.center/) for the processing of their personal data provided during registration by filling out a web form on the Web Integrator’s website https://en.vis.center/ and its subdomains *. en.vis.center (hereinafter - the Site), sent (filled) using the Site.

By personal data, I mean any information relating to me as a Personal Data Subject, including my last name, first name, patronymic, address, education, profession, contact details (telephone, fax, email, postal address), photographs, other other information. By processing personal data, I mean the collection, systematization, accumulation, refinement, updating, modification, use, distribution, transfer, including cross-border, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, permanent storage), and any other actions (operations) with personal data.

The processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject is carried out solely for the purpose of registering the Personal Data Subject in the Web Integrator database and then sending the Personal Data of e-mail messages and SMS notifications, including advertising content, from the Web Integrator, its affiliates and / or subcontractors, information and newsletters, invitations to Web Integrator events and other information, advertising and news content, as well as to confirm the identity of the Sub Personal Information Object when attending Web Integrator events.

The date of issuance of consent to the processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject is the date of sending the registration web form from the Website of the Web Integrator.

The processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject can be carried out using automation equipment and / or without using automation equipment in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the internal provisions of the Web integrator.

The web integrator takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or ensures their adoption to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, providing, disseminating personal data, as well as from other unlawful actions with respect to personal data and also undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of personal data of the Personal Data Subject. The web integrator has the right to involve subcontractors for the processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject, and also has the right to transfer personal data for processing to its affiliates, while ensuring that such subcontractors and affiliates accept the corresponding obligations regarding the confidentiality of personal data.

I have read that:

1. this consent to the processing of my personal data specified when registering on the Website of the Web Integrator, sent (filled) using the Website, is valid for twenty (20) years from the date of registration on the Website of the Web Integrator;

2. consent may be withdrawn by me on the basis of a written statement in any form;

3. The provision of personal data of third parties without their consent entails liability in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


The current privacy policy of personal data (hereinafter referred to as Privacy Policy) works with the following concepts:

1. "Administration of the Web Integrator site (hereinafter - Site Administration)". This is the name of the organization representing the interests of specialists, whose duties include the management of the site, that is, the organization and (or) processing of personal data submitted to it. To perform these duties, they must clearly understand what the information is processed for, what information should be processed, what actions (operations) should be carried out with the information received.

2. "Personal data" - information that is directly or indirectly related to a specific or designated individual (also called the subject of personal data).

3. "Processing of personal data" - any operation (action) or a combination of those that the Administration performs with personal data. They can be collected, recorded, systematized, accumulated, stored, clarified (updated or modified if necessary), extracted, used, transferred (distributed, provided, opened to them), de-identified, blocked, deleted and even destroyed. These operations (actions) can be performed both automatically and manually.

4. “Confidentiality of personal data” is an obligatory requirement placed on the Operator or another official working with the User’s data, to keep the information received in secret, without devoting to them by outsiders, if the User who provided personal data has not expressed its consent, and there is no legal basis for disclosure.

5. “User of the Website of the Web Integrator” (hereinafter referred to as the User) ”is a person who has visited the Website of the Web Integrator, as well as using his programs and products.

6. “Cookies” - a short piece of data sent by a web browser or a web client to a web server in an HTTP request, whenever the User tries to open the Web Integrator page. The fragment is stored on the User’s computer.

7. "IP-address" - a unique network address of a node in a computer network built using the TCP / IP protocol.


1. Viewing the website of the Web integrator, as well as the use of its programs and products, implies an automatic acceptance of the Privacy Policy adopted there, which implies the provision of personal data by the User for processing.

2. If the User does not accept the existing Privacy Policy, the User must leave the Web Integrator.

3. The existing Privacy Policy applies only to the Web Integrator website. If the links placed on the site of the latter, the user will go to the resources of third parties, the Web integrator is not responsible for his actions.

4. Validation of the personal data that the User who has accepted the Privacy Policy has decided to provide is not the responsibility of the Site Administration.


1. According to the current policy of confidentiality, the Administration of the Web Integrator is obliged not to disclose personal data communicated by Users registering on the site or placing an order for the purchase of goods, and also to ensure that this data is completely confidential.

2. To communicate personal data, the User fills in the electronic forms located on the Web Integrator website. User's personal data to be processed are:

1. his surname, name;

2. his contact phone number;

3. his email address (e-mail);

4. the address to which the purchased goods must be delivered;

5. address of residence of the User.

3. Protection of data automatically transmitted when viewing ad units and visiting pages with statistical system scripts installed on them (pixels) is performed by a Web integrator. Here is a list of these data:

IP address;
information from cookies;
information about the browser (or another program through which advertising is available);
time to visit the site;
the address of the page where the ad unit is located;
referrer (address of the previous page).

4. The consequence of disabling cookies may be the inability to access parts of the Web Integrator site that need authorization.

5. The web integrator collects statistics on the IP addresses of all visitors. This information is needed to identify and solve technical problems and to check how legitimate financial payments will be.

6. Any other personal information not specified above (about when and what purchases were made, which browser was used, which operating system was installed, etc.) is securely stored and not distributed. The exclusion of the existing Privacy Policy provides for the cases described in 5.2 and 5.3.


1. Collection of personal data of the User by the Administration of the Web Integrator is carried out in order to:

1. Identify the User who has passed the registration procedure on the Web Integrator's website in order to place an order and (or) purchase the goods of this store remotely.

2. Open User access to personalized resources of this site.

3. Establish feedback with the User, which means, in particular, sending requests and notifications regarding the use of the Web Integrator site, processing user requests and requests, and providing other services.

4. Determine the location of the User to ensure the security of payments and prevent fraud.

5. Confirm that the data provided by the User are complete and reliable.

6. Create an account to make a purchase, if the user has expressed his desire.

7. Notify the User about the status of his order in the Web integrator.

8. To process and receive payments, to confirm tax or tax benefits, to challenge the payment, to determine whether it is advisable to provide a specific User a credit line.

9. Provide the User with the fastest possible resolution of problems encountered when using the Web Integrator, at the expense of effective customer and technical support.

10. Inform the User in a timely manner about the updated products, acquaint him with unique offers, new prices, news about the activities of the Web-integrator or his partners and other information, if the User expresses his consent.

11. Advertise the products of the Web integrator, if the User agrees to that.

12. Provide the User with access to Web Integrator sites or services, thereby helping him to obtain products, updates and services.


1. Personal data is stored in secure networks and is accessible only to a limited number of people who have special rights to access such systems and are committed to maintaining confidentiality. In addition, all the information you provide is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

2. We use the official API from Google and Yandex.

3. To provide access to Google services, we use OAuth authentication. This is an open authorization protocol that provides us with limited access to protected resources for our services, without disclosing your data for authorization to a user account.

4. You can at any time limit access to your data in your Google account settings.

6. If personal data is lost or disclosed, the Site Administration together with the User is ready to take all possible measures in order to prevent losses and other negative consequences caused by this situation.


1. The term for processing User’s personal data is unlimited. The processing procedure can be carried out in any manner prescribed by law. In particular, with the help of personal data information systems, which can be maintained automatically or without automation.

2. The User’s personal data processed by the Site Administration may be transferred to third parties, including courier services, postal service organizations, and telecommunication operators. This is done in order to fulfill the order of the User, left by him on the website of the Web integrator, and deliver the goods to the address. The consent of the User to such a transfer is provided for by the site policy.

3. Also, personal data processed by the Site Administration may be transferred to the authorized bodies of state power of the Russian Federation, if this is done on legal grounds and in the manner prescribed by Russian legislation.

4. If personal data is lost or disclosed, the User is notified of this by the Site Administration.

5. All actions of the Site Administration are aimed at preventing third parties from accessing the personal data of the User (with the exception of 5.2, 5.3). Lastly, this information should not be available even by chance, so that they do not destroy it, change it, block it, copy it or distribute it, and also do not perform other illegal actions. To protect user data, the Administration has a set of organizational and technical measures.

6. If personal data is lost or disclosed, the Site Administration together with the User is ready to take all possible measures in order to prevent losses and other negative consequences caused by this situation.


1. The duties of the User include:

1. The message of the information corresponding to the requirements of the Web integrator.

2. Update and supplement the information provided to them in the event of such changes.

2. The duties of the Site Administration include:

1. The use of the information obtained solely for the purposes indicated in clause 4 of the existing Privacy Policy.

2. Ensuring the confidentiality of information received from the User. They should not be disclosed if the User does not give written permission. Also, the Administration has no right to sell, exchange, publish or disclose by other means personal data transmitted by the User, excluding p. 5.2 and 5.3 of the existing Privacy Policy.

3. Taking precautionary measures to keep the personal data of the User strictly confidential, just as this kind of information remains confidential in modern business transactions.

4. Blocking personal user data from the moment the User or his legal representative makes an appropriate request. The right to make a blocking request is also granted to the authority authorized to protect the rights of the User who provided the Site Administration with their data for the period of verification, in the event of the detection of unreliable personal data or unlawful actions.


1. In case of failure by the Site Administration of its own obligations and, as a result, of the User’s losses incurred due to the unlawful use of the information provided to them, the responsibility rests with it. This, in particular, is approved by Russian legislation. The exception to the current Privacy Policy makes for the cases reflected in Sec. 5.2, 5.3 and 7.2.

2. But there are a number of cases when the Site Administration is not responsible if user data is lost or disclosed. This happens when they:

1. Turned into the public domain before they were lost or disclosed.

2. They were provided by third parties before the Site Administration received them.

3. Disclosed with the consent of the User.


1. If the User is dissatisfied with the actions of the Web Integrator's Administration and intends to assert his rights in court, before he appeals, he must present a claim (in writing to offer to settle the conflict voluntarily).

2. The receiving Administration shall be obliged, within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt, to notify the User in writing of its consideration and measures taken.

3. If both parties have not been able to agree, the dispute is submitted to a judicial authority, where it must be considered in accordance with applicable Russian law.

4. Regulation of relations between the User and the Site Administration in the Privacy Policy is carried out in accordance with the current Russian legislation.


1. The site administration has the right to change the currently existing Privacy Policy without asking the consent of the User.

2. The entry into force of the new Privacy Policy begins after the information about it is posted on the website of the Web integrator, if the changed Policy does not imply any other placement option.

3. Any suggestions, requests, requirements or questions on this Privacy Policy should be reported to the feedback section located at: https://en.vis.center/contacts/. Or by sending an email to info@vis.center

Updated August 25, 2017

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