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Design, banners, graphic works
Author's site design (adaptive design)
Author's site design involves up to three different design concepts for the main page of the site, as well as up to three unique layouts of the internal pages of the site.                 
This service describes the responsive design of the site, that is, the different location and even the composition of the blocks (elements) of the site depending on the device: the default implies the division into tablets and desktop devices / laptops.                 
As part of this service, the transfer of copyright to the Customer.                 
Below is the cost of creating a responsive design of a Corporate site / online store / Portal, respectively.
To order
215 000 - 575 000 ₽
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Adaptive version of your site
Today, up to 60% of site visitors come from mobile devices.                 
In addition, Google officially declares that the usability of the site from mobile devices directly affects indexation in search results.                 
The adaptive version of the site will allow without reworking the design to make a mobile version of your resource for tablets and smartphones.                 
Terms of performance of work - up to 5 working days. Works are performed directly on your site, and the desktop version does not change at all (which excludes errors on the site and a drop in conversion). For large and complex projects, the cost may be higher.                 
To order
115 000 ₽
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Drawing additional site layout
Drawing an additional site layout or revising the current site layout or reworking one of the current layouts in excess of the quantity indicated in the estimate.
To order
40 000 - 85 000 ₽
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Brand book companies
Brand book companies
Development of corporate identity and brand book of the company

This service includes:
— company market positioning
— development of a company logo with a clear indication of the location of elements
— style elements
— brand color palette
— branded fonts

In addition, individual sections of the brand book are created: rules for processing business documents, letterheads, emails, business cards.

Our brand book is available here
Разработка дизайна

Design is the “face” of an Internet project, so it is important that it is beautiful, comfortable and individual.

Before undertaking the development of the website design, we study the client’s business and listen to its wishes, as well as think over the behavior of users..

It takes us 14 days to draw the design, as a result you get a ready-made psd-template that can be immediately put into layout.

Stages of design

1. Research and analysis

To create a better design, we, first of all, determine for whom it is created. First of all, we study the subject area of your business, research the market and competitors, and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages. After, we analyze your customers, identify their needs and expectations and form the optimal solution.

2. Elaboration of user scripts

This stage is needed in order to understand how the user interacts with the product to achieve the goals. Putting ourselves in the place of people, we reveal the most important stages of interaction with the product being developed. At this stage it is very important to work out the maximum number of scenarios.

3. Creating a prototype interface

The prototype creation stage is important for the visual presentation of the interface and clearly demonstrates the structure and functionality of the future application. The prototype works like a ready-made application or website, allowing you to evaluate and test the interaction of the service with the user. This stage does not include design yet.

4. Elaboration of the concept of design and testing

The designer shows his presentation of the visual part of the project. Then edits are made from the client and the company style, color and font of the product are approved. We always test the design of the interface on the visual perception of users, on the correctness of the color scheme, readability of fonts and the size of the elements of the site.

5. Drawing and delivery of the final design

You receive completely working design on the basis of which it is possible to make imposition.

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