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CRM - Sales and Customer Relationship Management System

  • CRM
    All calls, letters, chats with customers on the site and in social networks are stored in CRM
  • CRM
    CRM itself leads the customer through the funnel: from cold contact to a successful transaction
  • CRM
    Robots send customers letters, sms and automate sales
  • CRM
    CRM marketing helps strengthen primary and repeat sales
Simple CRM

You see how many requests are processed, at what stage, and who deals with them at present.

Use kanban (board) to see all the movements in transactions.

CRM card

The entire history of the transaction is visible: from the first request of the client (texts of letters, sms and chats, recording calls and meetings) to the evaluation of your employees.

Comments and all scheduled cases for the client are entered into the card.

Communication in the CRM card

In the CRM card, you can create quick chats to discuss transactions, leads, companies, contacts.

At the same time, chat participants become exclusively observers and cannot make any changes to the card.

Sales Automation

CRM robots send customers letters, sms, voice messages, show ads, assign tasks to managers.


Mailings, e-mail, sms, advertising with personal offers for different segments of your customers will increase the initial and repeated sales.

Use ready-made templates, design your own and monitor the effectiveness of mailings.

Calls from CRM

You rent a number or connect your telephony, and all calls and call recordings are stored in CRM.

Letters from CRM

A letter to the client is sent directly from CRM. Receiving and reading the letter is fixed. All correspondence is saved.

Free online chat
on site

All messages from the chat on the site all into CRM and are distributed between managers. Customer contacts and all correspondence are saved.

This chat can be easily added to any site. Is free.

Sales plan and reports

Distribute the plan among employees, watch the load on managers and analyze sales.

Sales generator

n one click, Bitrix24 will create repeat transactions with your customers and transfer them to the manager. And the manager will send the information with attractive offers to "old" customers.

Use to accelerate the work ready-made step-by-step scripts, scripts for managers.

CRM Documents

Print acts, invoices, powers of attorney, invoices according to your templates, or use ready-made.

Trust the robots to create contracts, bills, acts. Send them by email, chat or link to sms.

CRM for services

Owners and managers of car services, beauty salons, clinics can maintain a schedule of work of masters and employment resources, offer reservation services.

With the help of CRM-marketing, send reminders to the client   on the phone (voice message or sms) and by email.

Data exchange with 1C

You can configure bidirectional data exchange (products, contacts, companies, orders) with 1C in real time.

Supported versions 1C: Accounting 3, 1C: Trade Management 10.3, 11 and 1C: UNF 1.6., 1C: Fresh

Backoffs 1C

Without leaving Bitrix24, open the 1C application directly in the CRM card. Fill in invoices, form accounts and acts in the familiar 1C interface and send them to the client.

All documents are saved in 1C and in Bitrix24.

Sites in CRM

In 15 minutes create your website or landing page. Set up robots with orders in CRM, install online chat widgets and social networks, create forms to fill out.

Sell products and keep track of sales in CRM.


Ready-made reports on sales and work of managers will help you make the right management and personnel decisions.

Expand any indicator, see what it has formed from, draw your own conclusions.

End-to-end analytics

Only in Bitrix24 is free and does not require integration.

Get answers to questions about the return on advertising channels and traffic efficiency.

Sales tunnels

Quick and easy setup of sales between the various stages of the funnel with built-in generator sales.

Just draw the buyer's way from one stage to the next sale and Bitriks24 without your intervention to build the business processes of your script.

Mobile CRM

Stay in touch and manage sales from anywhere in the world!

Free application
for iPhone and Android

CRM sites and shops  CRM sites and shops

Boxed version

Runs on your server
Additional functionality
Possibility of refinement

Boxed version

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