Marketing audit

Marketing audit

In the course of a marketing audit, we analyze the existing strategy of your product offerings, study the market environment, sell properties of the site and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

As a result, you will receive a ready list of specific works, which will increase the sales of your Internet project. Outrun competitors with modern internet marketing tools.

What are we doing

We explore the business environment and
your customers

We distinguish your advantages
against competitors

We make a list of improvements in the selling qualities of your site

What are the signs to determine
that you need a marketing audit?

You practically do not receive calls from site visitors

A small number of online orders with large traffic

You want to increase the total number of calls and orders

Users complain about the inconvenience of your site

The number of sales of goods and services of your site does not increase

Cost of marketing audit- 25 500 rubles

The service was used

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