SMP Insurance


  • Tasks and reports
  • Bitrix24 CRM block configuration
  • Implementation of business processes
  • Internal chat bot development
  • External chatbot development
  • Omnichannel functionality
  • Integration with 1C
  • Mail sync
  • Workflow configuration
  • "Training" module setup
  • IP telephony debugging
  • 24/7 technical support

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SMP Insurance


SMP-Insurance is a universal insurance company offering its clients a wide range of modern insurance products and services.


Refinement and configuration of the boxed version of the Bitrix24 corporate portal.


New functionality was introduced on the existing platform in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

  • Creating/editing tasks and reports, business processes
  • Mail synchronization was implemented in order to speed up processing of requests
  • Workflow was implemented in order to allow employees to create templates, edit documents and work on them together

Business processes

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  • Chatbot was implemented
  • The integration of the CRM part with the 1C standard module was configured
  • The integration of the CRM part with the Active Directory of the regular module was configured
  • The integration of the CRM part with an external service via Rest API was implemented
  • IP-telephony was improved
  • The “Training” module was set up to effectively improve the skills of employees

Editing of the business process template

веб-версия главной страницы
  • Bitrix24 CRM block was configured
  • Omnichannel functionality was implemented, so that processes are controlled directly on the portal
  • 24/7 technical support of the project

Login page

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The implemented functionality optimizes the work of the customer's online office. Employees have access to convenient tools that improve both the efficiency of interaction with customers and the quality of work within the company.

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