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VTB Forex - investment portal


  • Project development
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Integration of web forms with CRM
  • Improvements in accordance with the Federal Law
  • Statistical charts output
  • Competition service development
  • Pop-up forms upgrade
  • Banner development according to the updated brand book
  • UI/UX design of several pages
  • 24/7 technical support from 2016 till present

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VTB Forex - investment portal


VTB Capital Forex is part of the VTB Group and is the first licensed Forex dealer in the banking sector. Their main qualities are reliability, high liquidity, favorable terms for customers and accessibility for a wide audience.


The main goal was to develop a project from scratch and make the website quick and convenient for beginner brokers. Thus, the project must attract new customers, even if they were not familiar with the Forex market before.


In 2016, we created a full-fledged website on the Bitrix platform, and then we have systematically modified it.

  • We carried out integration with CRM which allows the customer not to simply collect data, but to segment it within marketing strategies
  • We developed and implemented adaptive versions for mobile devices based on the current design and introduced additional navigation elements.
  • We made improvements in accordance with the Federal Law
  • Statistical diagrams output
  • Development of competitive service
  • In 2020, a new adaptive and modern design was introduced
  • Integration with personal account
  • Phone number SMS confirmation in forms
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Design development for the page "On Market and Service"
  • Code refactoring

In 2021, a transfer from MSSQL to MySQL version was taken, the data were migrated, and the platform was updated to the current version which significantly increased the level of protection and security on the project.

24/7 technical support and SLA response within 15 minutes are provided to this day.

Web version

веб-версия главной страницы


As a result of the systematic work, the project is actively developing, and it allows to attract new customers. Thanks to the simplicity of navigation, visual clarity of information and the convenient functionality, the website can be used even by those who are new in the market.

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