Sozvezdie - a cruise line


  • Platform update
  • Synchronization with
  • Web page programming
  • Newsletters
  • 24/7 technical support | 15 minutes SLA

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Sozvezdie - a cruise line


Sozvezdie is a cruise service that operates on Russian and English websites.


Platform update, improvement of the convenience and operation of sites.


Analysis and processing of existing sections of websites, adding new functionality, synchronization with

The platform was updated, all bugs were fixed. New pages were on both websites. The svg-schemes of ships were reworked, new items were added, the design was updated.

We designed newsletters that are sent to the client after the purchase. Personalized emails contain customer details and cruise details. We implemented image resizing on both sites by writing a script with the help of which their size is reduced, while the speed of display to visitors is increased.

Synchronization between and customer websites was improved and continues to be optimized. New sliders were created on the website pages.

Web version

веб-версия главной страницы


A group of customer websites got a series of improvements, the quality of synchronization with was improved, new functionality was added, and errors in previous versions of the project were fixed.

More works
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